VENDOR CATALOG SYSTEM

                         Inventory Management

 The inventory management system is the heart of the EQUINOX system. Because access to critical information significantly improves customer service, all inventory information is readily available through quick lookup features-based on item number, description, product group, purchase group and manufacture group. Instantly investigate inventory stock availability, special pricing considerations and bar graphs of usage history. Developed around criteria for sound management of warehouse inventory, the system contains many features to reduce excess inventory and increase employee productivity.

                            Service Features:

 - Create new inventory items directly from catalog 
- Up to 10 characters in part numbers 
- Up to 25 characters per line description 
- 6 levels of bracket pricing 
- Unlimited customer special pricing 
- Kit or assemblies
- Vendor price updates 
- Productivity features
- Physical inventory count system with cycle counting 
- Inventory bar coding 
- Lot number tracking 
- Hazardous materials tracking 
-Purchase order to accounts payable interface


- Efficiently identify and purge inactive inventory
- Access vendor catalog system to maintaining current prices and products
- Engage extensive inventory history inquiring and reporting 
- Gain quick inquiry of and access to MTD and YTD sales and costs
- Apply multiple units of measure for each line item 
- Create extensive usage, sales and receiving history 
- Use multiple warehouse location/branch capability

                           Inventory Bar Coding

   By bar coding you are able to reduce inventory, create fewer credit memos and produce faster physical counts.


 - Read your vendors pre-printed bar code labels - Print bar code labels for internal use or for your retail operations
- Take physical inventory quickly and accurately with hand held readers 
- Upload physical count and balance inventory in minutes instead of days
- Process orders using bar code equipment

                    Automated Purchasing Receiving

The EQUINOX Purchasing System helps you control your inventory by using average sales min/max method, or both. The system automatically calculates order points or minimums based on usage rates, lead times, vendor standard packages and desired safety allowances. In addition, Equinox calculates order quantities using the EOQ method. Screen review and quick access to all pertinent information allows you to automatically create stock purchase orders in a paperless environment.


 - Automatic screen ordering - fixed or calculated lead times 
- Faxing of vendor purchase order via faxstar 
- Ability to use either central or distribution warehouse concepts 
- Quick reconciliation of vendor invoices, using the P/O to A/P interface program 
- Quick set up of nonstock items thru online catalog


 - Track non-stock items from order entry to purchasing, receiving and vendor invoicing 
- Maintain sales history on non-stocks for future stocking evaluations 
- Process backorders and print picking tickets during the purchase order receiving process 
- Gauge order quantities by standard packs, maximum quantities 
- Fax vendor purchase orders and expedite orders 
- Track short, damaged, returned or over shipments 
- Manage ship complete and drop ship situations efficiently Purchase

                    Order to Accounts Payable Auto Interface

 The EQUINOX P/o to A/P interface lets you efficiently update costs and reconcile vendor invoices with your receiving records. The interface also creates accounts payable vouchers.

                          Vendor Catalog System

  With the Vendor Catalog System, you are able to carry non-stock inventory from the vendors of your choice online. Simply select the vendors whose catalogs you would like to automatically update. The catalog system virtually eliminates the need for hardcopy vendor catalogs and simplifies your order entry process by allowing you to instantly update, inquire and access vendor list price and cost on non-stock items. At the touch of a few keys, you are able to provide accurate quotes for clients and to place orders to the vendors of your choice.