Order Entry

First and foremost, EQUINOX Order Entry program is designed to improve employee performance and customer service. You are able to efficiently process cash and charge sales, quotes, warehouse transfers, rentals, deposits, credit memos, budget billing, drop shipments and assemblies. Access to other areas of the system are one key stroke away including account balances, sales history, inventory stock levels, ordering requirements and special pricing. This automatically notifies you of credit limits exceeded, credit holds and CODs. Onscreen warnings and access to critical information reduce document handling and credit memos.

                             Service Features:

- Serial number tracking 
- Bar coding 
- Delivery tracking 
- One-step conversion from quote to order
- Customer look up by number, name, partial address, city and phone number 
- Item look up by product group, partial part number, purchase group, alternate part number, bar code, or any word in description or part number - EDI orders processing - Flexible invoicing terms 
- Scheduled delivery integration 
- Credit release authorization system 
- Credit tracking 
- Exception reporting capabilities for quantity, price, credit and cost overrides 
- Full function editing 
- Comment capabilities


- Automatically print packing slips 
- Calculate delivery charge per order 
- Automatically handle discounts, quantity breaks, special pricing, margin pricing 
- Check stock availability for multiple warehouses 
- Process assemblies or kits 
- Handle drop ships per order 
- Generate monthly invoices on a per customer basis 
- Create hazmat charges by cylinder shipped, line item, or monthly

                         Cash Through Order Entry

 With the EQUINOX SYSTEM, it is possible to collect cash from a customer at the counter and to balance the cash drawer at the end of the day. Down payments on rental equipment and deposits are also handled easily in order entry and balanced with cash.

                         Scheduled Delivery System

  The Scheduled Delivery System allows you to automatically process orders that you deliver on a regular basis. These orders are stored permanently and you are able to process them over and over until you delete them, or until their control date expires.

                             Equipment Rental

  The Equipment Rental System allows you to handle rental transactions quickly and easily through order entry. The system tracks items by part number and serial number, automatically rebills items, and maintains a history of rental items. Truck Distribution Management

  The Truck Distribution System is integrated with order entry and provides you with route number delivery date and truck number. This allows you to pick a sequence number for delivery and route your drivers and create a truck manifest.

                              Online Ordering

  The Online Ordering System lets your customers place orders 24 hours a day using a PC at their location with an emulation card. The customer uses a secure simplified version of order entry to access order and inventory information.


 The Hazdoc System allows you to automatically generate the material safety data sheets required by law, eliminating filing time and damage to originals. The system faxes the appropriate safety materials to your customers or prints them overnight and tracks the msds sheets the customer has received.