Implementation Services, Training, Support and Enhancements

                          System Implementation

    Equinox Software Systems offers you professional project management through the assignment of a team of technicians that manage each facet of your computer system's implementation. You become a part of the team, led by a project leader, who co-ordinates the process, serves as liaison throughout the start up phase, and assures a successful implementation and transition.

1. Electronic File Conversion

Transferring information from the old system to the new system and assuring its integrity once it gets there, is an important service offered at Equinox. A programmer and a project leader work hand-in-hand to efficiently and accurately convert as much data as possible. Our two pass approach allows you to review converted data long before you actually move onto the new computer for daily processing, giving you plenty of time for maintenance or application of additional specifications.

2. Hardware and Communications Installation and Support

A system technician oversees hardware, telephone and communication gear installation. Training and services for system managers on system utilities, optimization and resource management are readily available.

3. Basic Implementation Training

The basic implementation training gets you up and running. We address each of the basic application areas in a hands-on environment, giving you the knowledge and practice you need to use our software successfully. Factors such as company size, the diversity of your business, the proficiency of your employees, and the existence of on-line branches influence your company training needs. We design your specific training program with these factors in mind.

4. Optional Applications Training

When you need additional training, we offer specialized services on-site or at a training
facility. If you have a very large operation, multiple branches, or additional month-end

5. Customer Support

Providing quick and effective solutions to procedural and technical questions is the goal of Equinox support team. Our telephone support center employees are a team of specialists who can dial directly into your system to diagnose and solve problems. Procedural support specialists answer questions relating to the use of the Equinox product including how to perform a function and clarification of methodologies. Equinox knows that it is necessary for your staff to work after normal business hours. That is why our support staff is always available for help. Equinox offers extended support services to you after hours, on weekends, and most holidays.

6. Software Enhancement Program

Equinox Software has become the superior package it is because of Equinox's commitment to constantly evaluate the system and to enhance it. Periodic enhancements are available to all Equinox users. The enhancements are based on your input as well as current industry trends and technological developments. This program ensures that Equinox will continue to meet your changing needs.