Accounts Receivable

           Accounts Receivable, Credit and Collections

With the accounts receivable system, you are able to accurately track and process accounts. You benefit from immediate access to detailed information and many other time and cost saving tools incorporated in the system.


- Automatic customer numbers generation 
- Access to customer accounts by name, account number, phone number, address, city 
- EDI invoicing 
- FAX/EMAIL on demand 
- On-demand statements 
-Personalized dunning letters 
- Scratch pad for customer notes 
- Efficient cash application process, including distribution of one check to multiple customers and adjustments/credit tracking abilities 
-Ability to track dunning letter history


- Automatically identify and purge inactive customers 
- View current and historical financial detail 
-Track customer purchase order dollar limits and expiration dates
- Calculate tax on multiple levels
-Process monthly invoices 
- Use cash discounts and flexible terms per customer and per invoice 
-Maintain customers billing requirements, tax status, shipping needs and credit standing - view credit notes/information while in order entry 
- Reduce A/R days outstanding with credit limits, COD and automatic credit hold based on account status 
- Manage credit passively with reports or actively with release numbers
- Track credits