The Equinox Cylinder Control System gives you the flexibility to sell gas by the cylinder or by volume. Because productivity and service are paramount, you and your customers benefit from features such as unlimited special customer pricing and automatic handling in order entry.


- Cylinder tracking by balance forward, by serial number or by bar code - Lot number tracking - Demurrage and rental billing determined by cylinder size or type - Cylinder reports - Cylinder inventory system


- Accommodates daily rent, monthly rent, demurrage and leases - Customize rates for each cylinder size or type, including special customer rates - Sell leases thru order entry - Automatically produce lease renewals - track cylinder history online Cylinder Bar Coding

Bar coding keeps track of compressed gas cylinders with bar code technology. Total integration eliminates multiple systems for cylinder control and billing. Bar coding improves the rate and accuracy at which employees complete tasks.


- Use durable mylar bar code labels - Record transactions at customers sites with easy-to-use hand held readers - Track cylinders even if bar code is missing - Update information at the touch of a key - Choose which customers participate in bar coding - Increase the accuracy of your records with extensive error checking - Perform customer queries with cylinder usage and exchange history - Show customer's cylinder movement between departments or job sites - Use as a sales tool to gain new customers