Electronic Fax/Email

 The FAXSTAR system allows you to fax/email purchase orders, invoices, invoice reprints and statements, and reports with the press of a key. The system can both send and receive fax transmissions. The received fax transmissions can be viewed through either a graphics terminal or an attached personal computer. Being able to send faxes/emails directly from the computer reduces paper cost and increases productivity.

                         Document Imaging

  Real Vision Image is an all inclusive IBM software product that performs report capture (COLD), document image (scanned) and color image capture and management. It is an AS/400 native product that integrates easily into any AS/400 program. On line storage of all types of original documents is a reality with the optical document storage system RVI. Enhanced customer service with the ability to quickly and accurately retrieve sales and delivery information. Eliminate file cabinets and filing time, and increase available office space. RVI allows you to batch scan documents, and store them in a customized, indexed fashion. Images can be retrieved for viewing,
 printing and faxing, even directly to your customers. The system consists of a scanner, a PC, and a optical storage device.


 EDI gives you access to state of the art electronic data exchange that is completely integrated with the EQUINOX system. EDI uses the popular x.12 communication standard, allowing you to receive and print any document in a readable format. Plus, you are able to customize outbound documents according to your trading partners' specifications and receive and print any document that your partners send. The system automatically creates functional acknowledgments which verify that you have received your partners' transmissions; it also tracks incoming functions to confirm that your
                        partners are receiving your documents.