Propane System

 The Propane System is completely integrated with all the Equinox Modules. It is designed for easy order entry and customer tracking. Delivery forecasting and routing is handled by the system automatically. Your drivers have preprinted delivery tickets. The office has the the ability to select and deselect deliveries on screen before printing. Your order entry people have all customer information at their fingertips.


     Automated Routing 
     Preprinted Delivery Tickets with Notes and Delivery Notes 
     Delivery Analysis by Driver and Route 
     Gas Price Charts 
     Multiple Tax Rates 
     Total Control of all Cylinders, Tanks, and Equipment 
     Total Asset Control 
     Budget Billing 


     Full integration with entire package 
     Ability to override a scheduled delivery with either degree days or a specific calendar date
     Tier Pricing 
     Automatic rental Billing 
     Ability to Deliver by Degree day or Calendar Date