The Equinox System has improved every aspect of the operation of our business. The instant availability of information and the ability to manage numerous ongoing jobs has increased efficiency and productivity in every department. We better control our costs and assets through the cylinder control, bar coding and inventory control programs. The order entry program allows our service people to be more knowledgeable and provide a higher level of customer service and satisfaction. We have greatly reduced outstanding receivables with the dunning letter program. The system has streamlined and improved our operation and thus has enabled us to grow and expand our business.

J. Lidbury, President and Owner

EWS Welding Supply, Inc.


    In 1999 my son purchased what we now call DMI Gases. No computers then, all manual, and as out dated as you could ever find. We also knew what was involved cost wise, time wise etc. to obtain anything like the capability we were used to in the past.

    In 2002, one of our suppliers introduced us to Equinox. Equinox suggested their Timeshare product. With nothing but a PC, I set up , loaded in customer and vendor info and we were up and running. The same, if not greater capability as any large gas co., 24/7 access from anywhere. Great technical support, although not often necessary. All at a cost that any company can easily afford.

    We have been at this for eight years with no down time other than a few short periods of scheduled maintenance on a week end. If you are considering this system and have a question or two for a current user don't hesitate to send me an email. Believe me, I'll tell it like it is.


Frank Schneider Sr.

DMI Gases



We have been using Equinox Software for over 20 years. Their cutting edge technology, along with their always attentive staff have made it a pleasure. We would recommend Equinox to anyone in the welding supply industry, large or small.

George Wunschell

Independent WELDING