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This Java Program provides a cross-platform TN5250 emulation solution. Jadvanatage works on any operating system that uses a Web browser supporting Java version 1.1. PC or Macintosh using Netscape Navigator version 4.02 with JDK 1.1 or higher. PC using Netscape Navigator version 3.02 with the Java plugin or Micrsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 with the Java plugin. If you are using Windows XP you must download an executable file for Virtual Machine because Microsoft no longer installs this as a default. Please call us or email us  to get this file. You must E-Mail us or call us at perry@equinoxsoftware.com or 815-788-0850 for a sign on and password. Or click here for contact form After getting the sign on and password please return to this site and click on the picture of the AS/400 Below.